Braden and jett rule

yo everybody, Jett and Braden here. This is basically a fun website for the heck of it. we are in grade 37 and age of 2. As you can tell, we skipped a couple grades. We live in Hawaii and live on top of a volcano. It has erupted so many times that we stopped counting. we are very smart. We are part of the Chad army. We have the best weapon. Licorice sticks! we would like to thank are smart classmates Jake Coyes, Tyson Marling, Brandon crispin, and Cole Anstruther. But are gold sponser Kendra Van Lersbherge who has the horrid scuba diving syndrome. No lie. If you make fun of the syndrome we will find you. In your sleep. 
this is our friend keegan!

and here are some of our favourite movies!

This is me and..... Braden where did you go? Hhhhhhmmmmmmmm.

There you are!

Also the people of my class should be included BRADEN AND ME! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tricked you. Wow!I have a machine gun in my arm. Pizza eats cheese all the way. Why do I have my umbrella inside? love your puppy always. yummy parfummi.

This is my sister. [Jett's.]

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